My Story – Emily Coulson

Two whole weeks! Two whole long weeks I have to wait. I actually don’t know what I’m going to do on those nights.

My name is Emily and I’m a choir addict!

In two weeks we start a new term of choir rehearsals and I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms already. It’s a special term this one as we celebrate our 5th anniversary and we are pulling together all our favourite songs form the past 5 years.

As I sit here writing this I’m wondering where the past 5 years has gone. I still remember my first rehearsal. Two weeks after my wedding day back in 2009 and fresh from honeymoon, I felt ready for a challenge. Sat in a room with lots of strangers something felt right. I felt welcomed, anticipation, and excitement, something I hadn’t felt for years. Now I’ve lived in Worcester for over ten years and at that point I still didn’t know a soul and felt rather alone. I can’t say that anymore!

5 amazing wonderful years of singing, laughter, mishaps, fun, excitement and love have passed and I still know I made the right choice those years ago. My life has changed due to the choir; I have friends (yes I know people!!) some who have turned into my lifelong best friends. I’m happier than I have ever been, less stressed and feel an energy in me that was once missing. That is down to one thing – choir!

They say singing is good for so many reasons, and I’ll quite happily agree! So if like me 5 years ago, you are looking for something different in life and trying to fill in those gaps, why not come and give us a try? You won’t receive a warmer welcome anywhere else and I guarantee you will walk out humming after your first rehearsal. No auditions, no need to read music, just sing along, and most of all have fun.

An Express Yourself Choir Original! 🙂


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